BFI core business is the supply of petrochemicals. We provide plastic raw materials in granule for film extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, rotational moulding, pipe-foam extrusion and sheet extrusion


We are a globally oriented distribution and commodities trading company in the chemical and plastics industry.


Our worldwide activities in the purchasing and selling of granulates in the plastic processing industry has given us the right know how and expertise to meet the needs of the market. With additional expertise in logistics, transport, and packaging, we are able to provide swift and smooth service.


Regular monitoring of changes in supply and demand, flexible pricing and settlement adjustment policy – these are the main guarantees of the stability of the successful operation of our company, ensuring long-term and successful cooperation with both suppliers and buyers.




   EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) is a polymer made of styrene containing pentane as a blowing agent. It is produced in the form of spherical beads. Due to its versatility EPS is the perfect raw material for various applications in construction, packaging and many special applications.


    EPS products consist of a foam structure of closed cells containing air. This structure brings excellent thermal insulation and shock absorbing properties. Typically, 98 % of the product's volume is air. EPS products are cost-effective, safe to use and environmentally friendly. They do not contain any CFC's or HCFC's.


  The processing of EPS beads begins with pre-expansion using steam to achieve appropriate foam density. Then, after a maturing period in a silo, the pre-foamed beads are further expanded and fused together with steam in a block or shape mould. Typical EPS products are e.g. insulation boards and various types of packaging materials and fish boxes.


1.1. Standard grades

1.2. Standard low pentane grades

1.3. Standard Geocell® grades with improved water resistance

1.4. Flame retardant grades

1.5. Flame retardant GeoCell® grades with improved water resistance


   Secondary granules LDPE Colour – from natural to black.

Granules are of cylindrical form, diameter – 4-5 mm, length – 3-6 mm.

Granules are shipped in big-bags 2m3, weight – 1-1,5 tons or in smaller containers by the customer’s request.

We can produce by your request:


•         Crushed material from thin-walled plastic articles of any sort of plastic, with washing or without it;

•         Film agglomerate with the size of nubbins 10-15 mm.


  The secondary granule, obtained as a result of waste processing, is a valuable raw material, as it is capable of replacing the valuable primary raw material, which is used for production of a number of polymeric materials. The main convenience of secondary granules is the possibility of their long-term storage. Granules of plastic do not absorb water and do not alter their physical and mechanical properties.



  The main focus of our company is production of LDPE granules (Low Density Polyethylene). LDPE granules can significantly lower the cost of packaging materials production, as well as of a number of products used in instrument and mechanical engineering. This type of granules is nontoxic, fire-safe and particularly resistant to chemical attack.


  Along with the above, our company also specializes in production of HDPE granules (High Density Polyethylene). The main characteristic feature of HDPE granules is high performance of ready-made polymer products. HDPE granules are widely used in production of various types of packaging materials, polymer pipes, films, etc.


  In addition to the above-mentioned products, our company is also engaged in manufacture of polypropylene granules. The raw material for this type of product is polypropylene film, waste and rejects in the production of polypropylene packaging. Polypropylene granules do not react with acids and alcohols. Manufacturing technology of this type of product makes it possible to obtain a high quality material at low cost. Polypropylene granules are widely used in production of furniture, packaging, etc.


  Use of secondary granules is a perfect way to increase production profitability by improving quality and reducing production costs




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